Flying the Chrysalis in the French Alps

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In September 1999 I ordered the Chrysalis via the Internet by DJ Aerotech ( ). I heard so many good things about that model, especially for somebody with no building experiences like me.

Within a few weeks I received my order (I live in Holland), and I start building my very first HL Glider that winter.

During the building period, I experienced some difficulties. One of them was that al the measurements where in Inches (we work with millimeters and centimeters), so every time I had to re-calculate. I found a great conversion table at so that problem was solved. Another little problem was that sometimes the pictures of the instruction pages were not so clear due to the fact that they were photo-copied. Great help to me were the building photo's I found at (R/C airplane stuff :Chrysalis Construction Pictures)

I've build it with a conventional tail, because at that time I had no computer transmitter. Also I had to put in quite some weight in the front to compensate the somewhat heavy tail. I even did al little "nose-extension" to reduce the amount of weight I had to put in.

Within 2 weeks I had finished the building part.

I flew it that summer for the first time in the French Alps in "Parc National Des Ecrins" near Orcieres and Prapic, and also in Morzine. It was great! The Chrysalis (although my version of the model was a little heavy) flies like a dream! I did a throw-and-catch within ten minutes!

Pictures of the Chrysalis in France

Video of a Eligo Sport

I mounted a very small videocamera on my Bleriot II airplane... Click HERE for the video...


Jeffrey Griffioen
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